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The Top 10 Things that are Wrong with Berlin

Berlin is cool, sexy, full of history and culture, very multicultural and beautiful. The summary? It is the best city in the solar system. But there are ten things that suck. Here they are.

Berlin, May 27th, 2021 (The Berlin Spectator) — Berlin is the place. Live in Berlin. Visit Berlin. You “gotta” love Berlin. But remember: There are 10 things that are bad. These are ‘The Top 10 Things that are Wrong with Berlin’. Here we go:


The stalking television tower will always manage to enter and dominate any photo, no matter in what direction you point your camera.


Hey! If you do not need those tram tracks on Leipziger Strasse, get rid of the damned things!


This lamp post really sucks, thanks to the war of posters. Get it out of our sight.


There are not enough protests in Berlin. Only about 5,000 per year. And no photographers ever cover them.


The television tower stands in the no-standing zone and nobody gives a damn.


‘La Maison du Pain’ has nothing to do with pain, I was told. “Shut up and eat your croissant”, they said.


Watch out for these speed traps. They really suck. And watch your speed as well, because speeding sucks even more.


This is pretty bad too.


Berliners look weird, as if they were mannequins wrapped in plastic. Strange.


The strangest thing of them all: Berlin’s horizon is not horizontal.

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