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Update December 26th, 2022:
The Berlin Spectator was shut down today, meaning it is not a news site anymore, but rather a non-commercial blog and features project.

The Berlin Spectator is an English-language news and features publication about Germany. It is being made for expatriates, migrants, people around the world and of course Germans. We are being read from all over the planet, especially Britain and the United States.

In articles, features and video reports, we cover the most relevant news from Germany, while not forgetting about cultural and social subjects either. Expatriates in Germany are another subject we work on. This publication also introduces German personalities.

Yet another task for The Berlin Spectator is to explain Germany and the Germans to those who have just moved to the country or are planning to do so, and to everyone else interested. On top of all of the above, entertainment is an important aspect.

We have our very own way of wording the story, as you will see. By the way: In articles on political or other subjects, we explain more than we would if this endeavor was mainly for Germans, because expatriates or readers from abroad do not know every name, institution, organization, law or locality.

Imanuel Marcus is the driving force behind this project and the editor-in-chief. He used to be a radio presenter and editor before he became a correspondent for German and Swiss radio stations in former Yugoslavia and the United States of America.

Some seven years ago, he returned to journalism after a long break, by reporting about the unfolding refugee crisis from Croatia. Also he got into writing for online media in Eastern Europe. Back in Germany, The Berlin Spectator is the project he started in early 2019.

We thank you for your interest. In order to support us, please keep on following and reading The Berlin Spectator. And please spread articles or features you like by posting them on social media or forwarding them to your friends and family. Thank you very much indeed.

In case you want to support this publication financially as well, please visit or Donations Page. A publication like this one will only be able to thrive and survive with income. This is something we are usually too busy to remember.

Thank you yet again for visiting The Berlin Spectator. Please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions you might have.

Contact: imanuelmarcus (at) gmail.com

Editorial Charter

The Berlin Spectator is an independent and nonpartisan publication which delivers its content while adhering to the main principles of journalism, including accuracy, fairness and impartiality.

This publication upholds values such as democracy, freedom and the Liberal Democratic Basic Order, which is part of the constitution of the country we are based in.

Should there be sponsored content, it will be clearly marked as such. This also means all pieces not marked as sponsored are actually not sponsored.

The Berlin Spectator firmly rejects racism, homophobia, antisemitism and violence. We also reject conspiracy theories about ethnic groups, peoples and countries.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. Our e-mail address: imanuelmarcus (at) gmail.com

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