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Germany: Camping Trailers and Campers Galore

Snails take their houses along on all trips. We copied that intelligent concept. All we need is some pocket change, in order to be able to afford a nice camping trailer (British English: caravan) or a camper.

Camping trailers are homes on two to four wheels pulled by a regular vehicle with a coupling device, while campers are homes on wheels built into a vehicle. This means campers do not need any car to pull them, but they are definitely more expensive.

The Germans love camping and they do cherish their little camping trailers. That is why the camping trailer market in this country is huge. The same applies to the camper market and the entire outdoor recreation market, which includes anything related to this kind of fun fun, such as inflatable mattresses, bicycles, outdoor clothing, hiking utensils, tents and the vehicles mentioned.

The ‘Fendt Bianco’ is one of hundreds of camping trailer models available. Photo: Fendt

At the Caravan Salon fair in Dusseldorf, which will open its gates this Saturday, more than 600 exhibitors will showcase their products. It is all about mobile recreation. There will be a total of 2,100 recreational vehicles visitors can have a look at.

In Dusseldorf it is all about travel destinations, spaces on camping grounds, e-bikes, accessories for caravans, campers and other products, and … o.k., it’s absolutely everything. The organizers are selling the event by stressing it included “a great entertainment program”, special shows and “many attractions with action, fun and cheerfulness”. Who could resist that?

The fair wants to appeal to experienced camping enthusiasts. They are the elderly ones, 55 years old and older, who have the money for campers and camping trailers. But they also want younger people to get into camping. That is why they are offering a special exhibition entitled ‘StarterWorld’ at hall no. 18.

One thing is certain: The organizers are pressing every button to make their fair interesting for as many people as possible, including spoiled German travelers. In Dusseldorf, they will show documentary films about caravaning and camping trips through Russia, Australia, New Zealand and the Western United States.

The ‘Sterckeman Scarlett’ does look neat from the inside. Photo: Sterckeman

You’ve got to hand it to the Germans: They do build nice camping trailers. One prominent manufacturer is Dethleffs. Their beginner’s model ‘c’joy’ is 616 centimeters (22 feet) long. It has up to three sleeping spaces, a table and a tiny kitchen. This trailer with one axis is suitable for a couple or a family of three. It starts at 11,399 Euro (13,128 U.S. Dollars or 10,228 Pound Sterling).

Dethleffs top model is very different. The ‘Professional 780KQR’ is 942 centimeters (31 feet) long, accommodates up to six people and has two axes, a large kitchen, a heating for the winter months and a generally luxurious interior. In this case, prices start at 37,299 Euro (42,946 Dollars or 33,468 Pound Sterling). This model is definitely far out. It needs to be pulled by a strong vehicle.

The Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf will show a whole lot of products. The fair starts on August 25th and ends on September 2nd, 2018. Doors open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.. One-day-tickets for adults are 15 Euro if bought online. On site, they are 18 Euro. Students pay 11 Euro online or 15 Euro on site. Children from 6 to 12 are 6 Euro online or 7 on site. The English version of the fair’s website can be accessed here.

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