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Germany: Deutsche Bahn to Offer More International Train Routes to and from Berlin

On December 11th, 2022, Deutsche Bahn will be switching to its new timetable. Passengers can expect more seats, higher speeds and new connections.

Berlin, December 1st, 2022 (The Berlin Spectator) — Germany has nine neighbors. Visiting them will be easier once Deutsche Bahn’s new timetable kicks in on December 11th, 2022. From Stuttgart, one more train per day will be heading to Zurich in Switzerland and back. In October of 2023, the number of trains on this route is supposed to increase again, by four per day.

Warsaw Connection

Berliners and tourists who intend to travel to Berlin or from the German capital to cities in neighboring countries will have advantages too. Soon, in March of 2023, the number of daily trains between Berlin and Warsaw will not only increase from five to six, but they are also supposed to be sped up and complete the trip 10 minutes faster. On this route, DB is cooperating with Poland’s PKP.

Getting from Zurich to Berlin or vice versa is getting easier too. Deutsche Bahn is introducing a new night connection on this route, via Erfurt, Halle and Leipzig. Trains between Zurich and Hamburg will be stopping in Heidelberg and Darmstadt as well. Another novelty is the extension of the route from Munich to Venice, Rijeka, Zagreb, Vienna and Budapest. This one will be ending or commencing (depending on the perspective) in Stuttgart.

Three Sizes

Generally, Deutsche Bahn will be increasing the number of seats on its trains by 13,000 per day from December 11th, 2022. Especially trains from Bremen, Cologne, Osnabrück or Münster to Frankfurt Airport are supposed to have far more seats. DB announced an increase by 60 percent.

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This has to do with the new Intercity Express 4 (ICE 4) they will be using. It comes in three sizes. The longest one has thirteen parts including seven powercars (modern day locomotives) and 918 passenger seats. Its speed was increased to 265 km/h (165 mph), which is still laughable from the perspective of Japan, China or France, three countries that have even faster bullet trains. But the new speed does make a difference. For instance, it will improve DB’s punctuality.

Tickets and Masks

Those ICE 4 is long indeed. When its front part reaches Munich, its end might still be standing in Frankfurt. Just kidding. Tickets for all trains in both the old and the new timetable can be purchased on Deutsche Bahn’s website. Protective masks are still required on all trains in Germany.

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