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Germany: ‘Interboot’ Boat Fair to Open in Friedrichshafen

Water sports are very popular in Germany, also since this kind of activity does not necessarily require a fortune. For a few bucks, inflatable boats can be purchased. They are good enough to cross small lakes. Sure, a good boat, which won’t deflate at the wrong moment, is a little more expensive. And boat owners who want to make an impression at the Monaco Yacht Club need deep pockets indeed. Only deep pockets sail deep waters. And, no, Botox lips do not qualify as inflatable boats.

Nowadays, there are exciting boats indeed, including yachts propelled by electric motors, wooden boats the buyer will have to put together himself, or herself, high tech sailing yachts, and a lot more. No, there is nothing nicer than rowing across Hamburg’s Binnenalster lake, or sailing on Lake Constance.

Right there, on the lakeshore, in Friedrichshafen, is where the ‘Interboot’ boat fair will take place from September 22nd to September 30th, 2018. This big show for both boat industry representatives and consumers offers a lot. Staring at boats and other aquatic sports items is only one of many activities visitors are looking forward to.

The first Interboot fair took place in 1962. By now, hundreds of exhibitors from dozens of countries are part of it every single year. They also include manufacturers of sportswear for water activities, as well as canoes, kayaks, water skis and diving equipment. Yes, everything is covered.

The Parker 850 Voyager is an elegant boat indeed.

Apart from Germans, thousands of visitors and many exhibitors from neighboring Switzerland come to Friedrichshafen on a regular basis. On September 27th, Swiss nationals will not have to pay for their tickets. Like their paying German neighbors, they will be able to look at stunning innovations from their own country.

One of those is a yacht called Greenline Neo. That name is not a coincidence, since the model can be powered by two electric outboard engines with 80 HP each. Those motors give the boat a cruising speed of 16 knots over a distance of up to 40 nautical miles. Customers who feel like racing and burning some fuel can use Mercury combustion engines with 300 HP each. With those, the yacht will be three times as fast.

Interboot will not just take place in those neat Friedrichshafen fair halls, but also in the water. Some of the boats on display can actually be tested in Lake Constance. There is even a shuttle bus which takes visitors from the fair to the lake, and vice versa, once they get seasick.

The lake is also the perfect location for training. ‘Star Boating’ is a series of motorboat training sessions for women only. Yet another popular part of the fair is the vintage boat exhibition at Lake Constance.

Tickets for Interboot can be purchased online or on site. There are family tickets, tickets for individuals, and for children. Two-day tickets are also being offered. More information on Interboot can be found here.

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