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Top 10: The Worst Berlin Photos Ever

Anyone can make top 10 lists of the best Berlin photos of all time. But what about the worst ones? This exclusive ranking might screw up your day. We warned you.

Berlin, March 16th, 2021. Update: November 6th, 2022 (The Berlin Spectator) — Oh yes, there are millions of good pictures of Berlin. The TV tower at dusk, at dawn, at noon or in the evening light? No problem. Media publish and print those pics every damned day, in all sizes, from all angles. Brandenburg Gate from above? Sure. From below, from all sides? Checked. But why are bad photos of Berlin being discriminated against? This ends right here, right now.

These are the top 10 worst Berlin photos of the century. They are so bad, the photographer was too embarrassed to add his name. He is still waiting for a letter from the Pulitzer Prize Board.


Hey! This is an insult to the Berlin Bear. Next time, make it look good, for Christ’s sake.


Nobody cares what your backyard looks like in the rain. Next time, shoot a picture that grabs people’s attention. This is pretty bad indeed.


The ground rule is: When you have one of the best views Berlin provides in your lens, focus the damned thing. There is an invention for idiots called autofocus. Use it.


What a grand idea. But the implementation sucks big time. Next time, just leave the camera in your pocket, hop on the next train and go as far away as possible.


Now, who wants to see a Kreuzberg bus stop from this angle? This one will not exactly mesmerize the Pulitzer jury.


Using the digital zoom of your Chinese-made cell phone may not be the best idea ever developed, but rather the worst one. Delete this shot immediately. Then, throw away all hard drives it was ever saved on, just in case.


Holy cow! This one is so bad it is almost good.


What does the photographer want to tell us with this shot? That he took it by accident, while he was going to send a chat message to his girlfriend? Hey! This really sucks.


Mother of God! Next time you want to shoot Checkpoint Charlie, take a few more steps towards it and wait for that coach to pass.


Out of all photos of Berlin, this might be the worst one. It was probably taken to show the world how a “photographer” can make all mistakes imaginable in one single shot. Congrats.

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