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Vaccinated Persons who Enter Germany Do Not Need Quarantines or Corona Tests Anymore

From today, the rules for vaccinated persons who enter Germany change. They do not need negative Corona test results anymore, nor do they have to go into quarantine, unless they recently have been to what the Germans call a “virus variant country”.

Berlin, May 13th, 2021 (The Berlin Spectator) — Germany is facilitating travel in Europe for Germans and people with residence permits for Germany, but also for other travelers who enter the country. According to a new enactment, vaccinated persons and former Corona patients who have been cured up to six months ago do not need to show negative Corona tests at the borders anymore. They do not have to go into quarantine either.

Bypassing Quarantines

Things are different for individuals who recently have been to a “virus variant country” in which dangerous Coronavirus mutations are spreading. Brazil, South Africa and India are among those countries. For passengers who have been there, a two-week quarantine applies. It cannot be shortened with negative Corona tests. These cases are just too dangerous from Germany’s point of view.

Persons who have not been vaccinated, and who are coming in from a “risk area”, meaning a country with a Seven Day Incidence between 50 and 200, can bypass quarantines as well, if they have a negative Corona test result. This does not apply to travelers who enter Germany from a “high incidence area” (a country with an Incidence above 200) or a “virus variant country”. Those who have been to a “high incidence area” can end their quarantine after five days, by getting tested, if the outcome is negative.

Digital Vaccination Passport

Germany’s new regulation is supposed to help families who travel with children as well. In spite of the fact that there is no Corona vaccine for children, so far, they will still be able to cross the border into Germany without complications, under the conditions described above. On May 8th, vaccinated and cured persons already got more rights within Germany. For instance, they do not have to show Corona test results in order to enter shops or other places anymore. And the contact restrictions are not as strict for them as they are for individuals who have not been vaccinated.

All relevant Corona numbers for Germany, and daily Corona updates, can be found in our Corona chronology.

The new digital vaccination passport the European Union had decided to introduce is supposed to be ready to go for the summer holidays, according to several German-language news publications. “CovPass” is supposed to facilitate traveling. The digital document is supposed to show whether or not a person has been fully vaccinated against Corona. It can also show the date and result of Corona tests.

Digitization Problem

There is an issue though. The list of vaccinated persons in Germany has not been digitized. What this means is that, in theory, all vaccinated persons may have to return to the vaccination centers or doctor’s offices they got their vaccination from, to have it entered into the system. Soon, the Health Ministry will likely provide instructions. It was unclear whether the digitization issue has been resolved for persons who are being vaccinated against COVID-19 in Germany from this point forward.

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