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The Berlin Perspective: Deceleration on Railroad Tracks is a Good Thing

Guys, deceleration makes a lot of sense in a hectic world. Apparently nobody has the opportunity to sit back and take a breath anymore, because our impatient schedule will force us to get right up again. To hell with that.

On its ICE trains, which are considered ‘ultra-fast’ Deutsche Bahn takes passengers from A to B in four hours. A equals Berlin and B equals Munich. Considering the future is definitely here, that kind of travel time is appropriate.

Let’s not forget the same trip takes at least 5 hours and 40 minutes when taken by car, even if you drive a pimped-up Mustang with a large V8 engine and shiny aluminium rims.

Now it seems those who need a good portion of deceleration should take the train to Munich. Deutsche Bahn will be repairing some tracks, switches and noise barriers from May 20th to June 7th, 2019. During that time the trip from A to B will take half an hour longer. Just what we need!

Relaxation on the bullet train? Go to Munich. Need a little more prep time for your new presentation? Take that damned train. You want enough time to sleep away your hangover? Make sure Munich is your destination.

Or try the Berlin – Hamburg route. Travelers who choose the fastest train available will be there in 101 minutes. Considering Deutsche Bahn used to do those 284 kilometers (176 miles) in 90 minutes in 2004, today’s travel time is actually rather embarrassing. Isn’t the future supposed to be faster? Obviously not. Deceleration. Again.

If the Chinese, Japanese or French bullet train masters were responsible here, they would probably do that distance in 5 minutes. C’est la vie.

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