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Germany Quiz: Are You German Enough?

The big question is: Are you German or knowledgeable enough to pass the quiz? There are 20 questions. As long as you answer 14 of them correctly, you will pass. No, there is no Cadillac Seville to win, no weekend getaway in Bermuda and no champagne. But there is fame. Post this quiz and your score on your Facebook timeline, and everyone will admire you. Satisfaction guaranteed. Here we go:


Wow! You passed! You are definitely German enough. Do you want to try The Berlin Quiz? You can access it here. Truckloads of articles and features about Germany? Find them here. This is The Berlin Spectator.

O.k., we admit some questions were hard. Wanna try again?

By the way: Do you want to try The Berlin Quiz? You can access it here.

Or how about truckloads of articles and features about Germany? Find them here.

This is The Berlin Spectator.

#1. What were the names of the two German states which existed from 1949 to 1990?

This question was though. We admit it. It’s FRG and GDR.

#2. How many federal states does Germany have? And how many start with the letter ‘B’?

Going by the numbers would have been enough here. There are 16 federal states.

#3. How many kilometers of Autobahn (freeway, motorway) does Germany have?

Don’t mess with the Autobahn. The Germans love racing.

#4. What delicious dish is this and where does it come from?

Try Maultaschen. They are easy to make.

#5. How many vehicles did the German manufacturer Audi sell in 2018?

One thing is certain: They do sell a lot.

#6. Which countries share borders with Germany?

This one was tough.

#7. Which former chancellor is he and what was his main political success?

The late Helmut Kohl pulled it off.

#8. Which is the largest beer festival in the world?

In 2020, the Oktoberfest was cancelled due to Corona.

#9. Which is one of the biggest hits by the German Rock band The Scorpions?

Here we got confused ourselves.

#10. Which of these Hollywood stars is (or was) not German?

This one is difficult. Waltz is Austrian.

#11. In Germany, dog owners need to pay taxes for their four-legged friends. How much is the dog tax in Berlin?

120 Euro per year is more than enough.

#12. When does Germany intend to switch off all of its remaining nuclear power plants?

It’s about time.

#13. How many U.S. soldiers are based in Germany today?

There are quite a few, even today.

#14. Which German city has the third-largest port in Europe?

Hamburgers know the answer to this one.

#15. How many billionaires (based on U.S. Dollars) are there in Germany?

Tough one. We had to look it up.

#16. Which is the highest structure in Germany?

High. Higher. Berlin’s TV tower.

#17. How many direct flights are there from Berlin to Washington D.C.?

In this regard, Berlin does not seem to be important.

#18. What is the general speed limit on the German Autobahn?

150 mph is still slow. Get that Lamborghini out of the garage.

#19. Where was this photo taken?

Germans call it ‘Mainhattan’.

#20. The Germans invent new meanings for English words. What word do they use for ‘cell phone’?

Germans think they know better when it comes to English words.

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