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The New Berlin Quiz: Are You a Berliner or Do You Just Know a Lot?

Hardly anyone can answer all questions about Berlin, the city of cities. But can you?

Berlin is a city of 3.8 million inhabitants. It is full of sightseeing spots, culture, history and questions. Fifteen of the latter are part of this quiz.

In order to pass, you need to get 70 percent of your answers right. You will neither win a Cadillac Escalade nor a trip of a lifetime, but a lot of fame. Post your result on social media and enjoy all the admiration and envy you will get.


Wow. You are either a true Berliner or qualified to become one. Or you were lucky. Congrats! You passed the quiz. There are more quizzes. Find them here.

You did not pass this time.

Don’t worry.

Just take the quiz again or try another one. Yes, there are more quizzes. Find them here.

#1. What do they call these cakes in north-western Germany? ? They do look delicious. And they are.

In Berlin they call them ‘Pfannkuchen’ (pancakes), but in Germany’s north-west these are Berliners.

#2. Which of the following is not a Berlin ‘S-Bahn’ or ‘U-Bahn’ station? ? The sky is blue.

‘Berliner Tor’ station is actually located in Hamburg.

#3. Who was Berlin’s and Brandenburg’s new ‘BER Airport’ named after? ? BER Airport is nice.

Willy Brandt was West Germany’s Chancellor in the early 1970s.

#4. Which American auto manufacturer is building a factory to the south of Berlin, in Brandenburg province? ? Parts of the factory have already popped up in Freienbrink.

Tesla intends to build the ‘Berlin Model Y’ in Brandenburg.

#5. Which is Berlin’s largest film festival? ? Imagine those dentist bills.

The Berlinale attracts Hollywood stars and film people of all kinds from all over the world.

#6. Which of the following is not a TV or Netflix series set in Berlin? ? The city of cities can be a beauty, depending on where you go.

Nobody has ever heard of ‘Berlin at 6 a.m.’.

#7. Which Berlin museum is exhibiting this Jaguar E-Type? ? E-Types are sleek and sexy.

This beauty is putting on dust at Berlin’s German Museum of Technology.

#8. Who is she and what is her position? ? She is holding an importation position.

Barbara Slowik has been Berlin’s police chief since April of 2018.

#9. Which federal states does the city state of Berlin share borders with? ? There is no city quite like Berlin.

Berlin has one neighbor only: Brandenburg.

#10. What does Berlin’s Governing Mayor Michael Müller intend to do in the fall of 2021? ? Governing Mayor Müller, a Social Democrat, is ruling Berlin with the Greens and 'Die Linke'.

Things are a little complicated, but Müller actually wants to join the Bundestag.

#11. When was the first Corona infection reported in Berlin? ? Berlin was a Corona hotspot in late 2020.

The first Corona patient in Berlin tested positive on March 2nd, 2020.

#12. What are these three objects? ? One, two, three.

The Wilmersdorf power station does look interesting with these three chimneys. It provides heating for Berlin.

#13. Where was this shot taken? ? This is like flying.

Berlin’s ‘Gardens of the World’ are a tourist attraction. Except there are hardly any tourists right now.

#14. What is one of the projects the Berlin Senate is working on, for cyclists? ? Cycling in Berlin is mostly great.

They intend to build bicycle highways through the entire city.

#15. There are several copies of Jonathan Borofsky’s ‘Molecule Man’ sculpture, in different sizes. Where are those located? ? The largest 'Molecule Man' sculpture can be found in Berlin.

It would have been Berlin, Los Angeles, Council Bluffs (Iowa) and Yorkshire.

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