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Germany’s First Independent Period Products Store Opens in Berlin

About half of all people in Germany have their period from age 15 to 50. In Berlin, a shop for them was just inaugurated. Here, Josefine Marwehe offers all menstruation products anyone could want.

Berlin, August 22nd, 2022 (The Berlin Spectator) — It was about time for a menstruation store in the emancipated city of Berlin. Actually, there should be establishments of this kind all over the place. Josefine Marwehe, a midwife who runs the brand new shop in Berlin’s Kreuzberg borough, says producers of certain menstruation products have sold their own merchandise in shops. But ‘Period Panty Party’ is the first one in the country that offers products by multiple brands.

Menstruation Panties

The place is a little hard to find. Josefine Marwehe and her colleagues are running the shop at a place it will have to leave again when this year ends. Only three days after the inauguration, they already are in the process of looking for another spot they can move to. But the most important thing is the fact that ‘Period Panty Party’ exists.

‘Period Panty Party’ is hidden behind the ‘Prinzenapotheke’, a pharmacy. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

A few steps away from Prinzenstrasse, a foldable sign attracts the attention of some passersby, but this probably is the kind of place you need to hear or read about first. “Everything about bleeding” it says on a poster in the window, with a fitting picture. After entering the shop, menstruation panties on hangers are the first products customers will see. They are available in half a dozen colors.

Touching and Trying

Apparently, menstruation panties contain a built-in pad made of absorbent material. It will store period blood up to a certain point before it has to be changed, Josefine Marwehe explains. She also offers menstration sponges that can be inserted into the vagina. “This product is a little retro”, she says with a smile. As she points out, the ‘Period Panty Party’ shop offers women the unique opportunity to compare period products, to ask question about them and to find their favorite.

At the store, absolutely everything is o.k.. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

“When it comes to bleeding, pictures and product descriptions do not help that much”, it says on the store’s website. “Each menstruation is distinct. Touching and trying those products is a must.” Of course, this is Berlin. This means the store has to be sustainable and offer “recycled, ethically unobjectionable” products. They are probably woke and Gluten-free as well, but helpful. Anyone can buy sanitary pads or tampons at the supermarket. In contrast, this shop offers high end products that give menstruating girls and women a much better period experience. They even organize menstruation workshops.

Josefine Marwehe offers a wide range of period products. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Reusable Pads

Menstruation cups in different versions are available here. So are reusable sanitary pads. The lube they sell has an interesting brand name consisting of two words. The first one starts with an ‘F’, the second one is “Good”. Books about menstruation for teenage girls are being sold too. “Many of the books available elsewhere describe having one’s period as something terrible”, Josefine Marwehe says. Not over here. If any shop in Berlin is politically correct, it is ‘Period Panty Party’.

The shop’s website (in German) can be found here.
This is the address (applies until the end of December 2022):
‘Period Panty Party’, Prinzenstrasse 96, 10969 Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany

Phone: +49-151-68101246 E-mail:
Note: If possible, customers should book a time slot in advance. You can do so here.

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