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Snow Disaster: Austria to Induce Avalanches

Today the central Austrian municipality Hochkar became an official disaster zone. Here and in other regions, roads were closed. The famous Hochkar Alpine Road had been cleared on Tuesday. Today, it needed to be closed again today due to all the snow and because trees which could not withstand the weight of the snow fell and blocked the road.

European Time Zones and Programmed Chaos

Does anybody really know what time it is? The answer is no, in spite of millions of wrist watches we wear, in spite of countless clocks on towers, churches and buildings, and even though everyone has at least one smartphone. Nobody has a clue. For travelers it is difficult enough to add one hour to the time when they race through the Eurotunnel

Burgas Terror Attack: The Victims are not Forgotten

Six years ago today, on July 18th, 2012, the summer season at Bulgaria's Black Sea coast was approaching its peak. At Burgas Airport, located some 380 kilometers east of the capital Sofia, many planes touched down. All of them carried tourists from the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia and other countries. The countless tourists expected to find